The team


Lucian Corobuță is the manager of the project In-Herit: The National Center for Information and Promotion of Cultural Heritage, the man in charge with procedures and deadlines, but always close to the team he controls.

Coming from Iași, he took the road of training in the matters of non-refundable funds in 2017, when he started writing and implementing projects, including some cultural projects close to his heart, using various lines of funding.

He loves everything connected to photography, videography, music – playing the guitar as well as listening –, string art, juggling and loves the improvisational arts and live performances. He is always curious to discover new artistic places and communities, in all the cities he visits.

Horia Iova is one of the communication specialists of this project. He wishes that the resources of the National Centre for Information and Promotion of Cultural Heritage could reach as many people as possible and he believes firmly that a better understanding of cultural heritage can contribute to a better life for all of us.

His experience includes working in museums as well as for independent cultural projects. His academic training is an interdisciplinary one, including fields such as communication and public relations, anthropology and cultural studies.

He loves objects that tell a story, and he loves the stories of ancient buildings as well, always willing to share with those surrounding him his knowledge.

Andra Mateescu is the “organizer” of the team, a versatile yet complete woman of communication. Careful and meticulous, both with people as well as with technical details, she spends a lot of energy so that all things are in their place and everything comse out the way it should be.

Her academic training at the Faculty of Letters of the University of Bucharest in Communication and Public Relations is completed by her experiences of more than 10 years of organizing events.

She is an all-time enthusiast for new ideas and projects and she really wishes to bring a more significant contribution to the development of the field of cultural heritage. Her passions turn towards dancing, music and good movies.

Adriana Speteanu-Vasiliu is the assistant manager of the project. Ada, as her colleagues call her, works as an editor for the INP and took part in the teams of many interesting projects, aiming at getting the cultural heritage in the spotlight. She holds a PhD in History from the University of Bucharest, where she teaches courses and seminars since 2006.

A part of the team of the Centre, Ada helps her colleagues find their way through dates and events in the complex Universe of Cultural Heritage. She has her share of the technical part of the project, providing significant support in managing the documents and recording the progress.

She is, naturally, a specialist in history and can be a fascinating guide through museums and exhibitions in the moments when her projects involve interaction with the public.

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