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The Association Da’DeCe wants to bring closer children and youngsters to cultural heritage. Having a vast experience and countless projects throughout the years, the team Da’DeCe proposes an interesting, funny and interactive style of guiding the young public through a pleasant and fruitful learning experience.

The Da’CeCe team provides within this project both the volume ”A Guide for Heritage”, dedicated mainly to movable cultural heritage, and the pedagogical kits to familiarize the children with elements of bulit heritage.

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The Pro Patrimonio Foundation takes an active part in the conservation, safeguarding and reactivation of the cultural heritage, mainly the architectural one. They have focused their efforts throughout the years on practical projects of protecting and rehabilitating the built heritage. Their actions aim as well to get the communities involved, so that the people could be more aware of the importance of their own identity and the value of cultural heritage. The experience of Pro Patrimonio, together with a campaign of public enquiry in the online media, has proven essential for the project of the development of the app Salva–Monument, whose purpose is to provide, in a simple and efficient manner, key information regarding the maintenance and restoration of historical buildings.

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The Norwegian Crafts Institute aims at documenting, keeping and the promotion of special practices which are specific to traditional Norwegian crafts, following the directives of the UNESCO Convention for Safeguarding the Intangible Cultural Heritage.

Our Norwegian partners actively contribute to various events of exchanging good practices in the field of safeguarding various elements of intangible cultural heritage

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